Specialists in Acai, Espresso, Protein and Raw Treats.

For vegans and vegetarians, gym goers and paleos and of course for the ever growing number of those who are simply health conscious.


Our menu is extensive and has some changes store to store so below is tease of what you can expect. .

Delicia Acai & Protein Bar exclusively uses Sambazon Acai in our bowls and smoothies. Sambazon is the only certified fair trade organic acai in the world. Delicia Acai & Protein Bar and Sambazon share the same values towards the earth and all that reside.

The Original

Summer Dreaming

Hempin Aint Easy

The Delicia Cup

Protein shakes fast! Each shake is packed with 30 grams of high grade WPI protein or an amazing blend of plant based protein for the vegans and vegetarians among us.

Gourmet Protein Shake

Acai Smoothie

The Boss Shake

Protein Bowl

We care about coffee a lot. Delicia Acai & Protein Bar uses a high grade boutique roasted blend made for us by The Coffee Barun. All our teas are sourced from the Byron Bay Tea Company.




Iced Latte

Cold Drip

Made in house by our family for the whole tribe, gluten free, refined sugar free, vegan, raw and packed full of flavour! Limit of one raw treat per customer as Delicia Acai & Protein Bar will not facilitate in the addiction of our raw treats! hehe just kidding!

We won’t judge you 😉

Choc Caramel Nougat  Slice

Peppermint Slice

Protein Ball

Apricot & Goji Ball

…and a whole stack more in store!